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Obama Admin funnels $1.5 million to group behind race-baiting rap video

Here is the video

More evidence IRS was targeting conservative and Jewish non-profits

Obama amnesty plan an effort to increase Democrat voter rolls

Former DOD employee sentenced to prison for health benefits fraud

VA failing wounded veterans when it comes to prosthetic arms

DOD bomb hunting unit spied on American citizens and companies

Obama apologizes to Castro

IRS threatens to delay 2015 tax return checks

DEA employee charged in credit card fraud scheme

CIA will not punish staff that hacked into Senate computers

DHS spends half billion dollars on overtime

Court case challenging constitutionality of NSA domestic spying program

Obama: 'I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning'

Lame-duck Congress passes bill loaded with special interest perks

Federal government gives grant to study the sex habits of obese women

ObamaCare 'wellness' programs violate Americans with Disability Act

Whistleblowers: Obama Admin IGs engaged in cover-ups of wrongdoing

1,000 investigations & 300 convictions of DHS employees for misconduct so far in 2014

ObamaCare provides $3,000 incentive for employers to hire illegals over American workers

CIA claims it lost over three weeks of FOIA requests

White House may have illegally obtained confidential taxpayer info from IRS

IRS employees who are tax deadbeats to get performance bonuses

FEMA demanding thousands return Superstorm Sandy financial aid

Obama Admin paid ransom to Taliban in Bergdahl release

Obama claims Obamacare adviser Jon Gruber never worked on staff -- but he's featured in Obamacare ad

The man Obama said had nothing to do with Obamacare was listed on the White House website

Navy Secretary spent nearly $5 million in taxpayer money on travel

Veterans Administration fails cybersecurity audit for 16th straight year

1 in 5 government cybersecurity breaches traced back to federal employees

Obama's attorney-general nominee was member of anti-semitic group

Obama Admin drastically cuts cod fishing limits in New England

SCOTUS to hear case challenging presidential signing statements

Students boycott Michelle Obama's school lunch program

Judge overturns Obama Admin's silly housing discrimination rule

USDA pays $17,500 for college students to wear 'fat vests' in order to combat weight prejudice

CA: Disturbing travesty in California courts regarding adults and minors have sexual relationships

CO: Female prison guard accused of sexually assaulting male inmates

CO: School bribes students to eat Michelle Obama lunches

FL: Five Miami-area police cars race through city with lights on while heading to breakfast

GA: Judge convicted of framing and jailing woman he sexually harassed

IL: Emanual Admin exaggerated claims of Chicago's red-light cameras

IL: College hid $95 million in spending on booze, shooting clubs

IA: Police blow-out tires of pregnant woman in labor and hold her at gunpoint

IA: Judge arrives at work drunk after urinating in the street

MD: Judge suspended over pattern of inappropriate remarks in court

MA: Town orders 'Merry Christmas' sign removed

MI: Man calls police to confront distraught girlfriend; police shoot her dead

NH: State liquor board did not recognize DC drivers licenses as legitimate

NJ: Governor's office will not disclose Christie's out of state travel expenses

NY: Judge dismisses traffic ticket of driver who killed 3-year old

NY: Sheriff deputy resigns after being caught on video slapping citizen without provocation

PA: Judge pleads guilty in corruption case attorney-general tried to shut-down

TX: Police officer hits 76-year old man with stun gun over expired inspection sticker

TX: Houston police officers make unlawful detention, search & false arrest

UT: Man calls suicide hotline; police arrive and shoot him dead

VT: Governor admits single-payer health proposal unaffordable


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What 'War on Women'?

By Mark Hyman

Since the 2012 presidential election, I have traveled to dozens of cities throughout the country. At each stop I’ve moderated a television town hall in front of a live audience on a topic of interest to each local community. I often ask the same questions about the concerns of my audiences. It’s unscientific. It’s imprecise. It’s anecdotal. Yet, I think it gives some insight into what is on the mind of the public in the cities I have visited. 

Not one time has anyone from among the nearly 8,000 people I have come across mentioned a “war on women” as an issue troubling them.

The topics for “Your Voice Your Future,” the live TV town halls I moderate, are varied. At each stop, the live audience questions a panel on issues such as casino gambling, same-sex marriage, guns, healthcare, education, care of veterans, and the list goes on.

The issue may be driven by a ballot measure, figure into a close election, or address a recent, and sometimes tragic, event. There is something quaint about a town hall. The format is older than the Republic. The public assembles to grill public officials. Unlike the products produced by some of the cable news channels, the “Your Voice Your Future” town halls don’t screen guests or approve questions in advance. These audiences and their questions are completely unscripted. They truly represent what’s on the mind of the audience members.

In the hour or so I walk through the audience before we go live, I ask what issues trouble them most. Without question, jobs and the economy lead every other issue by a wide margin. It is the pocketbook issues that resonate. People are looking for ways to improve their families’ well-being. Some want a better job. Others merely want a job. Any job.

I have heard countless stories of people looking for full-time work with benefits: healthcare insurance, a retirement program and paid vacation. There are a lot of people looking for full-time work. According to the September jobs report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 9.3 million Americans are currently unemployed.

The unemployment situation is actually more dire than that figure. About 92.6 million Americans — or nearly ten times as many as those officially classified as unemployed — are considered “not in the labor force.” This is a BLS category that presupposes many of the long-term unemployed no longer wish to get a job. I have met quite a few who fall into the “not in the labor force category.” They all tell me they want a

Still, the September jobs report claims the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.9 percent, which is about two points lower than it was just prior to the 2012 presidential election. Now that the official unemployment rate has dipped below six percent, much of the news media figures the unemployment situation is resolved and has moved on to promoting the “war on women” and similar political narratives.

According to the Cook Political Report, subject matter addressed in television political ads more often than jobs and the economy include energy, environment, immigration, Medicare and Obamacare. Political consultants and strategists say one thing. The public continues to say another.

This is representative of something else I have heard while crisscrossing America, an opinion I have heard from audiences countless times: Government at every level — federal, state and local — has stopped listening to the people. I heard this frustration voiced in cities as big as Seattle and communities as small as Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It’s been voiced on each coast from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. It is the same frustration in deep blue Maryland as it is in reliably red Alabama.

This opinion is not just a matter of Washington, D.C. politicians marching to their own drummer. Pick your state capital or city council chamber, and ask the voters what they think. Very few are pleased with what they see. I have gotten the sense that 2014 could be the year in which “none of the above” would actually get the majority vote in many elections.

The only division I have witnessed is when the names of elected officials or political parties are introduced into the discussion. The public that is nearly unanimous in the opinion that government is no longer listening to the people often takes sides and defends the behavior of “their” politician or political party. Politics still play a heavy role.

I do not expect the 2014 midterm elections to be any watershed moment. The election results may be close regarding which party controls the U.S. Senate. It could come down to an expected December runoff election for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana. Regardless of which party controls which chamber in Congress, I anticipate there will generally be more of the same: quarreling in Washington while families find ways to make do with less.

I suspect the biggest outcome from the first Tuesday in November will be teeing up the bigger battle ahead in 2016. The question is whether a majority of voters two years from now will have reached the point that they believe voting for status quo politicians is no longer acceptable. Next month’s election may give us an inkling.


* This column was originally published in the mid-term election issue of American CurrenSee on October 25, 2014.



I am not a consensus politician. I am a conviction politician." -- Margaret Thatcher


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