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Emmy Award-winning journalist Mark Hyman is known for his keen observations and insightful commentaries.  His no-holds-barred approach to controversial topics of the day provides a fresh perspective that is lacking in the traditional news outlets.  His factual examination of current events empowers people who want to explore the reality of a situation.  This approach also confounds his critics who often deal in hyperbole and hype.

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er 14, 2017

Enrollment Drops at Schools Known
for 'Social Justice Warfare'

September 14, 2017
Bradford Richardson
Washington Times Opinion

Universities known for being hotbeds of campus protest and liberal activism are struggling with declining enrollments and budget shortfalls, and higher education analysts say that's no coincidence.

Take Oberlin College.  According to a document leadked to The Oberlin Review, the school's student newspaper, the small liberal arts college for famous for social justice hoaxes has had trouble attracting and retaining students, missing this year's enrollment mark by 80 and raking up a $5 million budget deficit in the process.

William A. Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School who runs the Legal Insurrection blog, said the "most obvious culprit" in Oberlin's dwindling admission is "relentless social justice warfare."

"Social justice warfare at Oberlin has been more intense and sustained over a longer period of time than at most schools, and has come to define Oberlin in the media," Mr. Jacobson said.  "The resulting mockery and derision, even in liberal publications, has damaged the Oberlin brand.

Surveys support the notion that, in the era of Trump, conservatives have become more skeptical about the value of a college degree.

The polarizing presidential election was felt in the dip in applicants at some top-tier colleges such as Ohio's Kenyon College.


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