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Federal judge bans use of 'Redskins" in a case involving the Redskins

Federal 'employee of the year' accused of mail theft

GAO: Federal government made $106 billion in improper payments in 2013

GAO: Pentagon overpaid for 100 million barrels of fuel

Major 'disarray' at Philadelphia VA facility

VA mishandled reports at Baltimore facility

Homeland Security awards $190 million contract to company accused of defrauding federal government

Pentagon sends 'pink slips' to military deployed in combat zones

Second federal judge orders IRS to testify under oath regarding 'missing' emails

Judge orders IRS to answer under oath regarding 'missing' emails

Veterans Administration investigated for retaliating against 67 whistleblowers

Nurse: VA staff stole morphine from dying veterans

HHS muzzles the media in restrictive "visit" of illegal alien detention facility

Durbin blames illegal alien influx on George Bush

HHS to spend an additional $1.4 billion on

More possible legal trouble on the horizon for ObamaCare

US Patent Office stripped Redskins trademark in spite of not receiving a single public complaint

NSA spied on more Americans than foreigners; massive domestic spying growth under Obama

House Ethics Committee reverses it's secret decision to exempt officials from reporting free trips

Whistleblower: VA ignored veterans in order to work on ObamaCare

GAO: IRS overpaid employees for work not performed

Federal Reserve not complying with federal guidelines in holding conferences

Postal workers using government debit cards for personal purchases

Border Patrol agent turns whistle blower on Obama campaign to aid and abet illegal aliens

Veteran dies on VA property while officials insist an ambulance transport him 500 yards to ER entrance

Dept of Energy to 'invest' $4 billion in man-made global warming projects

Air Force threatens journalist for reporting on illegal aliens

Border Patrol agents accused of abusing immigrant  children

While ignoring veterans, the VA spent $420 million on 'green energy' programs

EPA spending $1.6 million on a high-end hotel for a conference

Obama's legacy: ISIS declares a new Islamic caliphate

GM has recalled over 3 million cars in 2014 and the year is only half over

Obama completely disengaged in rapidly declining world stability

Federal government threatening to seize Native American tribal lands under 'eminent domanin' maneuver

EPA employees clogging toilets and defecating in hallways

Even the liberal justices Obama appointed to the Supreme Court ruled his actions were unconstitutional 

Obama requests military aid for Syrian Islamists that are attacking Iraqi government

Supreme Court rules 9-0 against Obama's unconstitutional NLRB appointments

Economy shrank 2.9% in 1st quarter; largest drop in years

Fed judge rules Indiana must allow gay marriage

Common Core using sex appeal to sell merits of the standards

86 million workers pay for 148 million receiving federal benefits

Emails reveal stunning improper coordination among IRS, DOJ, FEC and Democratic members of Congress

Emails reveal Congressman Cummings embroiled in IRS targeting scandal

Seymour Hersh: Obama's 'rat line'

 ATF agents convince low IQ man to get a taxpayer-funded tattoo on his neck

Fed judge rejects amicus curiae brief by 5 Democrat and Republican attorneys-general in McDonnell trial

Toomey pushing legislation requiring regular background checks on all school employees

ATF agent accuses federal prosecutors of lying in Reno case

$6 billion in State Dept funds are missing during Hillary tenure

HHS initiated ObamaCare enrollment applications on individuals without their knowledge

77,000 empty federal buildings cost taxpayers at least one billion dollars annually

White House wants to regulate cow flatulence. For real.

Obama admits he had a failed Syria policy

Feds asked to investigate possible corruption in Hawaii's failed healthcare exchange

Obama eliminates two of the most successful & cost-effective Navy weapons programs

Watchdog: U.S. one of the worst offenders of Internet freedom

Government makes false statements to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

Holder and others took nearly 400 personal flights on government aircraft

The biggest ObamaCare scandal you've never heard about

Staff fed-up with Obamas at taxpayer-funded $8,350 per night Chinese suite

GAO to investigate 'Cover Oregon' state healthcare exchange

NY housing authority spent federal money on sports tickets and beer

TSA orders half-ton of dynamite

Will IRS secretly withhold some of Lerner's emails?

Fed judge says FAA lacks authority to ban commercial drones

CIA accused of spying on US Senate

Dem: Without immigration reform where will we get landscapers and hotel maids?

Obama offers warning to Russia then jokes about nuclear war

Feds fund romance novel documentary


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Horror Vacui

By Sol W. Sanders

President Obama has given new meaning to that epithet "imperial presidency." It was slung at Richard M. Nixon not only for his extravagant White House "palace guard" - some in kitschy uniforms - but for his more serious unconstitutional overreaching.

But though imperial in his style, Mr. Obama reigns; he does not rule.

Whether on domestic or foreign policy, Mr. Obama abdicates to congressional or bureaucratic control, then spins the resulting muddle as something for which he is not responsible. One sees, for example, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen pontificating far above their pay grades, only to be contradicted either by events or Mr. Obama himself. The president takes a hands-on approach only in maintaining his left-wing political base, be they Wisconsin unionists or Washington lobbies.

This standard operating procedure is reinforced by Mr. Obama's denigration of historic American accomplishments, often on foreign soil. In the one international arena where he has sought leadership, relations with the Muslim world, the result has been an almost total disaster. Having made what he considered two seminal speeches offering renewed friendship with Islam, he now finds American interests in jeopardy in both locales. Turkey, once a stalwart NATO ally and the site of his first lecture, defies the West on the Iranian nuclear weapons issue, the greatest threat now facing the alliance. His Cairo speech, seemingly falling on deaf ears, was followed by his bemused administration fostering regime change but adding little to the still-undetermined outcome in Egypt.

Of course, Mr. Obama did not create these long-simmering crises. But he contributes to them through his administration's lack of faith in American power, hard and soft. Favoring multilateralism to American leadership, Ambassador Susan Rice preaches that gospel at the United Nations but neglects reform of the organization's abysmal corruption and inadequacy. Only when Libya's Moammar Gadhafi began slaughtering his own people did Washington join the move to redress the charade of Libya's prominence on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Aristotle observed nature's abhorrence of a vacuum - the "horror vacui" - and we are getting a demonstration geopolitically when the world's paramount power chooses not to lead. Or worse still, when Mr. Obama trumpets a policy without following through. Minor players take the field, exacerbating regional conflicts in an increasingly intertwined world.

Nowhere has that been more apparent than in Washington's approach to the Egyptian regime's collapse, the Bahrain religious conflict and now the Libyan civil war, with their attendant threat to world energy supplies.

Like a sick dog to its vomit, Washington returns again and again to the Israeli-Palestinian issue as the magic bullet to cure the Middle East's troubles. It's the one international issue where the president enthusiastically commits his prestige. But having chosen Israeli settlements in areas won in the 1967 war as fundamental - it was a subsidiary issue until he came along - Mr. Obama jeopardizes Israel's basic security, further postponing any agreement. The absurdity of his position is self-evident: In a "two-state solution," he ignores Israel's almost 2 million Arabs but insists a Palestinian state must be "judenrein."

Elsewhere, lack of U.S. leadership - withholding even rhetorical support for Iran's opposition - has helped extend Tehran's fanatic and kleptocratic tentacles across the Fertile Crescent. The Persian mullahs have managed to play all sides in "the Arab spring." Not only does Tehran use Shiite Syrian and Lebanese co-sectarians, but it sponsors Sunni Palestinian terrorism, including Hamas. Iran may well profit from whatever comes of Mr. Obama's belated moves to oust Col. Gadhafi.

The arguments against American intervention in Libya were strong but, ultimately, Mr. Obama could no more ignore Tripoli than rising oil prices spurred by his administration's counterproductive domestic energy policies could fail to cripple American recovery.

Thus Mr. Obama and the U.S. have been sucked into a vacuum, in part of the president's own making.

* This column was originally published in The Washington Times, Sunday, March 20, 2011, and it has not been updated.



I am not a consensus politician. I am a conviction politician." -- Margaret Thatcher


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