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How Bill & Hillary Clinton and Their Brothers Profited from Pardons

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Bill Clinton received nearly four thousand petitions for executive clemency from the day he took office until January 1999. Compared with every president since George Washington, Clinton was stingy in approving clemency requests. Of the 3,923 requests received during his first six years in office, every petitioner was left empty-handed except for 77. 

The 56 clemency petitions Clinton approved during his first term were the fewest of any president since Thomas Jefferson (45 clemencies), the nation's third commander-in-chief when the US had a population of only five million.  Clinton was the first president since Washington to not issue executive clemency to anyone in two full years (1993, 1996) of a complete presidential term. The 334 pardons and commutations Clinton issued in his final 10 months in office were nearly three-quarters (73%) of all executive clemency he awarded throughout his entire presidency.

Clinton's rejection rate during the first 6 years of his presidency was a stunning 98%. That is, until Hillary Rodham Clinton decided she wanted to run for the seat of New York's retiring US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Then, everything changed.

In his last two years as president, and after Hillary made the decision to run for the US Senate seat in New York, Bill doled out 380 pardons and commutations. This was 83% of all pardons and commutations he gave during his presidency.  The 176 pardons and commutations (140 and 36, respectively) he issued on his very last day in office was nearly 62% of all executive clemency awarded during all eight years he served.

Of the 140 pardons Clinton issued on January 20, 2001, 47 completely bypassed the Justice Department, and 30 recipients had not even filed a petition.  Some were surprised they were given clemency. Another 14 recipients had previous petitions denied by Clinton and two were deemed ineligible under Justice Department guidelines. Another received a pardon before the Justice Department had completed its review of the petition. Twenty-three recipients had Arkansas ties and 4 were among the 14 Clinton business partners and friends who were convicted of illegal Whitewater activities.

Several of Clinton's pardon recipients never accepted responsibility for their crimes - a key tenet before executive clemency is awarded.  Other recipients were recommended against receiving clemency by the Justice Department, the presiding judges and prosecutors, and even Clinton's own White House counsel.  

More than 50 clemency recipients or those lobbying Bill to issue clemency for others had direct ties to Hillary.

Two recipients, Roger Clinton and Glenn Braswell, were under FBI investigation for possibly committing additional crimes when they received their pardons. Braswell was later convicted of his crimes. Bill Clinton's pardon wiped away Braswell's first conviction, allowing him to be treated as a first-time offender instead of a twice-convicted felon.  

Among the worst pardon recipients may have been billionaire Marc Rich and his partner, Pincus Green. Both were fugitives abroad from justice, did not serve any time, renounced their citizenships, and had engaged in further illegal conduct when Clinton pardoned them. Their criminal activity included trading with Iran while it held US hostages, Libya while under international sanctions over responsibility for the Pan Am 103 bombing, and with Iraq in the corrupt Oil-for-Food program. 

The Clinton-Rodhams' many pardons and commutations were so indefensible that longtime Clinton apologist and former adviser Lanny Davis, could not bring himself to write even a single paragraph of spirited defense of the clemency decisions in his book. Davis' Scandal: How "Gotcha" Politics is Destroying America was a noble effort to excuse and explain away Clinton scandals, but when it came to the pardons, Davis took a pass. For that matter, Hillary, too, skipped the topic entirely in her Living History.

For his part, Bill Clinton made a meager effort to explain away his scandalous pardons. He devoted barely three pages out of his nearly one thousand-page autobiography My Life to the matter. Not surprisingly, his comments were replete with one lie after another.

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Since  America’s founding, the nation’s capital has experienced more than its  share of scandals; thankfully, Washington Babylon explores some of the dirtiest secrets that have occurred throughout US history. Some are from the earliest days of America’s founding and include the most famous people in history, like George Washington.  Others are still fresh in our minds, as the dust has not even settled. In between, US history is littered with scandals from nearly all walks of life that were the most talked-about stories at the time. Many past  scandals remain infamous, such as Watergate, Chappaquiddick, and Abscam.  Other scandals that were once the biggest stories of the day have faded into obscurity. Washington Babylon reveals new details in some  scandals that were not known when the story first broke, offering a whole new perspective for discussion. This is the most comprehensive collection of American scandals that will educate, entertain, shock, and perhaps, even titillate the reader.


Veteran.  Intelligence Officer.  Weapons Inspector.  Congressional Fellow.  Lobbyist.   Business Executive.  Writer.  Radio Personality.  Television Host.  Award-winning Journalist. 

In more than 40 years, Mark Hyman has served around the globe in a variety of capacities.  He has performed activities that other journalists only talk about.  

Mark heads Inside Your World Investigates, the national investigative team for Sinclair television stations.  The U.S. is the beat and the deadline is now. Stay tuned for in-depth investigative reports on topics affecting nearly everyone.

He also hosts and serves as moderator for the award-winning Your Voice Your Future televised town hall series appearing in Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and dozens of cities in-between, from border to border and coast-to-coast.  

Mark previously hosted the commentary program Behind the Headlines with Mark Hyman, appearing on dozens of television stations nationally with a weekly audience in excess of 10 million viewers. 

He was the host of The Point with Mark Hyman, an award-winning commentary television program that took him across the country and to locations abroad, including reporting from the war zone in Iraq.  

He is a contributor to The Washington Times, Washington Examiner, American Spectator, Human Events and other periodicals.  He manages the government-accountability website Gov't Run Amuck.

Mark served in the Army before attending the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating in 1981.  He served as a naval officer on ships assigned to the east and west coasts and he served in Europe.  He has conducted worldwide travel with extensive time spent in the Middle East.

Following active duty, he worked as a civilian with the Office of Naval Intelligence and with the U.S. On-Site Inspection Agency as a disarmament treaty weapons inspector in former Warsaw Pact countries and the former Soviet Union.  He retired as a Captain in the Navy Reserve.  His leadership positions included CIA’s National Warning Staff, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Naval Space Command, Naval Networks and Space Operations Command, Naval Intelligence and the National Security Agency.  He retired with 35 years of total military service.

In 1995, he attended the Johns Hopkins University on an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellowship and worked in the U.S. House of Representatives.  He joined Sinclair in 1997 as a corporate executive and assumed the duties of news commentator in 2001.  He stepped-down as an executive in 2005.

He has appeared on network and cable television news programs, on nationally-syndicated and local radio programs, and has been interviewed for numerous national publications.  He is a frequent public speaker on college campuses, before community organizations, at numerous conventions, and he has testified before Congress.

The military organizations in which he has served have been awarded four CIA National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Commendations during his service, and he has been awarded the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award and several Navy and Joint military awards.  

Mark was selected as an International Who’s Who of Professionals for 1998 and 2001 and Who’s Who for 2001 and 2002.  He was named Best Local TV Personality for Baltimore in 2003.  In 2011, he was named a "Top Influencer" in Maryland politics by Campaign & Elections magazine.  

Mark has received an Emmy, three Associated Press awards, a New York State Broadcasters Excellence in Broadcasting Award, Oregon Association of Broadcasters Excellence in Broadcasting Award, Maine Association of Broadcasters Excellence in Broadcasting Award, thirteen Telly Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting and six Aurora Awards for Excellence in the category of Social Issues and Documentary, including two Platinum Best in Show awards.  He is active in several national and local charity organizations.


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